Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is your journal called the Banyan Tree?

The name was suggested by Tom Harrison, one of our founders. The banyan tree throws out branches which eventually drop to the ground, take root and grow into new trees. Tom had spent many years in India and seen many such trees which he likened to a growing family.

What is a CARN ticket?

This is a reader's ticket required by many Archives offices as proof of identity. It doesn't matter which archive issues it as it is valid for all other archive offices in the CARN scheme. In our area, both Hull History Centre and the Treasure House at Beverley require a CARN ticket if you wish to examine original documents. If you don't already have one, you can get one on the day of your visit. It only takes a few minutes to issue it but you will need to provide proof of identity. There is no charge for issuing a CARN ticket and they are valid for 4 years. Further details can be found on Hull History Centre website.

Do I need to be a member to attend a meeting?

No, our meetings are open to all and we would encourage you to come along to see what we have to offer before you decide to join. We would however suggest that a donation would be appropriate to help offset the costs we incur for the hire of the venue and also the speaker's fee. If you intend to attend several meetings, we would also expect you to join so that you can enjoy the full benefits of membership.